Don't Risk Spoiled Food in Your Restaurant

Don't Risk Spoiled Food in Your Restaurant

Get restaurant cooler repair and installation in Gainesville and Jefferson, GA

Properly functioning coolers and freezers are absolutely essential to your restaurant. A broken cooler for just a few hours can mean huge money losses and potentially dangerous conditions for your customers. Trust your local HVAC professionals with walk-in cooler repair services in Jefferson or Gainesville, GA.

C & M Service Company is a fully licensed and certified electrician and HVAC contractor for the Gainesville, Jefferson, GA and the surrounding area. We have years of cooler repair service experience for our local restaurants. We can install or repair your cooler at affordable prices and guaranteed satisfaction.

Call 770-536-4202 today to schedule your walk-in cooler repair service.

How can a cooler repair service save you money?

There are more reasons to fix and maintain your restaurant's cooler than just the threat of spoiled food. An improperly designed and maintained cooler will:

  • Leak air and hike up your energy bill every month
  • Require more maintenance costs in the future
  • Keep temp incorrectly and lower your health department score

Don't play a dangerous game with faulty cooling systems. Contact us today for walk-in cooler repairs.

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