Air Conditioning Repair & Installation

Air Conditioning Repair & Installation

Find Air Conditioning Repairs in Gainesville, GA

Anybody who lives in Georgia knows that the summer is long, and it can get incredibly hot and humid. If your air conditioning systems are in disrepair, your home can be terribly uncomfortable. C & M Service Company has over 14 years of experience working on all brands of AC equipment, and can help save you hundreds of dollars by preventing a premature replacement of your HVAC systems. If it is indeed time to replace your unit, C & M's team will help consult with you on which will fit your home the best.

With routine preventative maintenance and repairs, the Air Conditioner will run more efficiently, and you can save money each month on your energy bill. If your Gainesville or Jefferson, GA home consistently runs a high energy bill, it is important to have an expert analyze your HVAC equipment's efficiency. In almost every case, the furnace and air conditioner are the largest consumers of energy in the home.

C & M Service Company has proudly provided Air Conditioning Repairs and Installation services for Gainesville, Jefferson, GA and surrounding areas since 2003, and is still family owned and operated to this day. Our dedication to show up on time, solve problems and unique situations, and follow through with great customer service is what sets us apart from the competition.


Although there are plenty of ways to take care of an AC unit and extend it's life, there are certainly signs that it's time to install a new Air Conditioner:

  • Your home won't stay consistently cool.
  • The AC unit frequently breaks down.
  • Your unit has a SEER rating below 13.
  • R 22 Freon is still used in your unit.


While we have the knowledge to install or repair all brands, we have dealt with Amana products for many years, and can offer excellent warranties on Amana to keep you covered long after the sale. For new AC Installations with units rated 16-SEER or higher, we are glad to offer not only a 10-year warranty on all parts, but also a lifetime warranty on the compressor.

If you're ready to cool down your space and get back to enjoying the summer, call C & M Service Company today for a free estimate!

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